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A Rulepop site has lots of advantages over PDF rules…


It's much faster to find a rule on a Rulepop site than with a PDF. Reduce frustration and preserve the flow of the game with a super-quick rules reference.


A Rulepop site automatically adjusts its layout for optimal viewing on any screen size.


Unlike a PDF, a website doesn’t require difficult layout changes to add or change content. Making corrections, adding errata, and even including expansion rules is never a problem.


Speaking of expansion rules and errata — a website can nicely combine all of a game's rules. That's so much better than juggling and searching through multiple PDF files!


Anyone can link directly to a specific rule in a Rulepop site. This is really handy when answering rules questions or discussing rules in online forums.


The Web is much more accessible than PDFs for people with visual impairments and to search indexers like Googlebot. Better accessibility means more visibility for the game.


It’s very easy to bookmark the site or save it to the home screen of your mobile device.


Each player at the game table can have a copy of their own rules reference on their preferred device. No more one-rulebook bottleneck.


Officially sponsored Rulepop sites are always kept up to date, so visitors automatically get the most updated rules. With PDFs, players must first discover that the rules have beeen updated, then find and download the latest version.


Game rules are inherently self-referential. Related rule entries on a Rulepop site are linked to one another. This reinforces concepts, helps players make connections, and increases understanding of rule systems.


A Rulepop site can feature links to the game's webpage, expansions, publisher, app, and other online resources.

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Updated 24 Feb 2021

This Policy describes the information we collect from you, how we use that information and our legal basis for doing so. It also covers whether and how that information may be shared and your rights and choices regarding the information you provide to us. This Privacy Policy applies to the information that we obtain through your use all sites at

Who we are

Rulepop is the culmination of many years of web development and tabletop gaming. Jans Carton is the company creator and sole proprietor, but he is supported by friends and colleagues who are also passionate gamers and talented web professionals. We partner with game publishers with the goal to help you enjoy the wonderful games they produce.

What we collect and receive

In order for us to provide you the best possible experience on our websites, we need to collect and process certain information. That may include:

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We use a private, self-hosted system for website traffic analysis that respects your browser's "do not track" settings.

Data sharing

We share data only with game publishers so they can see how their Rulepop sites are used. A publisher only sees data for their own game sites. We will never sell your personal data to anyone.

Retention of data

We collect and maintain aggregated, anonymized or pseudonymized information which we may retain indefinitely to protect the safety and security of our Site, improve our Services or comply with legal obligations.

Privacy Policy Changes

We may update this Policy from time to time. If we do, we’ll let you know about any material changes by notifying you on the website.

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